Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fishing trip by Desa Melayu Fishing Club

to all fishing fan club desa melayu.
at this saturday 've fishing trip...

Date:Saturday 31 Oct 2009
Location: 2nd link gelang patah
Price for pay:RM30
Spot fish:Barracuda,Barramundi,Talang,

For more information call me at this number
017-7997 804

Methods of trading

Okay, so now you know you want to start a business, but how? You must register your business with the Companies Commission of your country either as Sole Trader, Partnership or Limited Company. Sole Trader If you're running your business alone, perhaps from home, you do not need to register with any official body. But as a sole trader you are personally responsible for all your debts. So your house and car may be sold to pay off debts. To prevent this, many register their house jointly with their wife/husband, and register cars in the name of other family members. Check with your lawyer for your best options. Partnership If there are two or more of you working together and not more than 20 partners, you can register your business as a partnership. All parties in a partnership are collectively and individually liable for the debts of the business. The partnership ceases immediately upon the death of the partners's so it's wise to take out insurance on each of the partners so there is enough money to continue trading. Limited Company By registering your business as a Limited Company, it allows for a more systematic management of your overall business. In the eyes of the law, any losses will be borne by the company and not under your name. So unlike a sole proprietorship or partnership, you won't be personally liable for the company's debts. You'll also find it easier to get loans from banks. Visit the government's official portal, where you'll find easy to follow instructions on how to register your business.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

An Office Environment

Other options for small businesses include working out a business facillity. Picture how your ideal business place would look like - the interior layout, for instance. Think about the space and how it will be divided into rooms or work areas. But also think about vital features such as parking spaces and loading docks.Consider whether your business will be in a city, a suburb, a small town, or out in a countryside area? And whether this will make it easier (or harder) for you to get necessities - such as a trained workforce or access to an airport? Can you operate anywhere, or must you be at particular area to make a statement about your business, or attract the right customers?A good facility should:
Allow you to efficiently carry out the necessary functions of your business
Present your business in a good light.
Allow for growth potential
Fulfill your needs at the right price.If you are buying or renting, complex tax and cash management issues are involved, so get advice from a trained account or lawyer.Before you rent or buy, find out what the property is worth on the open market. Then think about what you can afford to pay, taking into account the profit potential of your business. For this, you need help from a real estate expert who knows the business property in the area.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Discover What Works

Describe exactly what product or service you want to offer. How it is unique or better? Why would customers buy it and not another brand?
Examine the competition. Visit rivals and try their products. How does your compare?
Test your product on friends and colleagues. Keep an open mind and don't defend your business. Write down every idea. Analyse them, and use the useful ones.
Join professional groups like the Entrepreneur Association so you can network with other entrepreneurs at gatherings.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The best location to start your business

One of the most exciting and important aspects of planning your business is deciding on location.If being close to your family is a priority, a home-based business may be the answer. "But consider the nature of the business you want to open," say John Sortino and Susan Shelly, authors of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Being a Successful Entrepreneur.Ask yourself: Are your customers required to visit your home frequently, for example, for music lessons or to view handmade jewellery? Can you work around this - for instance, could you visit your customer instead? Does the business require a lot of space for inventory storage or order processing? Does the business produce undesirable side effects like noise, air pollution, foul odours or toxic waste?Some businesses that you can run easily from your home include those that are usually run in an office - for example, computer programmin, secretarial services, accounting and graphic design.Service businesses, such as house cleaning, construction, or interior design are also possible. All of these can be run from a small area in your home - even a corner of the living room.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Otak-Otak Kempas For Sale.
For all blogger,if want to buy otak-otak kempas can call me at this number
017-7997 804-wan

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The 1st step to start a business

Opening up your own small business can bring a host of benefits,more freedom, flexible working hours, more career opportunities and many of your dreams realised. But the sad truth is, there are more closures than start ups every year. In the US, 95 out of 100 fail within the first five years.The good news is that statistics show small businesses started by women have a greater chance of success - experts think it's because women plan more, and take things step by step. A recent study on factors influencing career success conducted by Accenture, a global management consulting company, found that women feel juggling family support, planning and ambition is important for them to advance in their careers.Why is planning important? Because we all know a great business starts with a great idea. But there's so much more. Often, would be entrepreneurs get so excited about their idea that they forget to find out whether it's viable or not.

Plan your business


today i want to teach how to plan your business..

One of the most common mistakes made by small business owners is poor business planning. Many think you only need it to get financing from banks. Actually, it's essential for your business to run efficiently and profitably.On top of having a positive attitude, confidence and preseverance, having a plan helps you present your ideas to others in a formal and factual manner. Plus it lets you outline and evaluate all aspects of your business's viability and resources.Reasons not to skip this crucial tool and roadmap:
It will define and focus your objective, using appropriate information and analysis.
You can use it as a selling tool with financial backers, investors, landlords, and banks.
Your business plan can uncover gaps and weaknesses in your planning process.
You can use the plan to get useful opinions and advice from experts and government agencies.

How to start a business?

Consider how different business fit into your lifestyle and your interests. For example, do you want to work part time? Or do you want more career opportunities and the chance to build your own business empire? Think about these points.1.If you have young children and want more time with them, do you need to create a business that offers you flexible hours, or that you can run on a part time basis?2.If you have high financial ambitions, does your business have plenty of growth potential?3.If you live far from the city centre, and customers will have to visit you at home, would it be more economical and practical to rent or share a small office closer to your customers? IF they do visit you at home, can you provide a separate office space and live with some disruption at home?There is no point throwing yourself into a demanding seven days a week business if your real ambition is to have a part time business so you are more free to raise your new baby! No one will be happy. Finding the right business module makes it easier to be excited about your work. And when you're excited and believe in your business, it's no longer just work, it's a rewarding part of your life.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Small Business Planning

When we are running a small business, we tend to get preoccupied by day to day affairs of the business. We forget the long term goals.It is absolutely essential to plan meticulously for your business success.

You should make it a habit to devote at least 20 to 30 minutes at the start of the day for your planning. If you schedule your tasks for the day and allocate the priorities, your work will become much easier.

The day's planning should begin with a review of your march towards the goals; you have set for your self. Your success on previous day's tasks should also be examined. It may not possible to complete all the tasks.You should not be unduly perturbed by this. You have to analyze your long term goals, such as where you want to be in the next five years

Find ways and means to improve your product or services. Your business depends on its growth. You should always look for new strategies to take your business forward.

Business success does not come easily. You should not only dream but pursue those dreams relentlessly. Opportunities will not present themselves. You have to create opportunities.

Risks will have to be taken. If you always want to play it safe it is impossible to achieve growth. Calculated risks are always a part of any successful business.

In business, it is necessary to foresee problems and devise ways to overcome them. Think of various scenarios and devise ways and means to face them.

You should review your costs, profits and your competition. Develop ways and means to cut down costs and improve profits. Planning will make you to focus on the direction in which your business is heading. It will make you to reassess the situation you are in and find ways and means to improve it.It will give you a greater confidence to take decisions.

Friday, October 16, 2009

hye all..
hopefully all find today..
today i want to share how i can survive with all business i do..
for your information,i like do business when i in primary school...
at that time i was 10years old..everyday i bring nasi goreng to sell 4 my friend..i'm very happy with my partime job in school...hehehe...n i'm very happy when all my nasi goreng that my mother cook 've been sold..start that day,i'm very interested to sell nasi goreng at school everyday,many order i get from my friend..but,one day my principal know about my small business in school,huhuhu...and he give warning to me..he said"in school have law,school is a place ...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

salam semuanye...
sorila da lame x text kt blog ni..
almaklum la,sejak kebelakangan ni aku bz sgt2....
sampai nak tengok blog sendiri pun xsempat..
kelmarin aku baru je wat openhouse..fuh!!penat gile..poket nek seronok..huhuhu....
nk tau x ape yg wat seronok??coz buah ati penenang jantung aku pun ade time aku wat majlis tu...hehehe...actually aku wat majlis tu sbb nak ucapkan terima kasih kat family parent aku,kwn2 mak bapak aku coz amik berat mase bapak aku sakit... bersyukur sangat2 sebab sekarang ni bapak aku da makin pulih..xsia2 family,kwn2 bapak aku tolong selama ni untuk ubatkan penyakit bapak aku..banyak gak tempat kiteorang pegi tuk ubatkan bapak aku,alhamdulillah masa jumpe orang yang ke 12 n ke 13 ubatkan nampak perubahan...kalau korang nak tau,nila dugaan paling besar dalam hidup aku..aku rase tula dugaan yang paling susah aku nak tempuh sebab time tu doktor mengesahkan bapak aku kena ketumbuhan otak,time tu gak doktor suruh wat operation..aku btol2 sedih time,sepanjang jalan nak ke hospital tu aku xberhenti2 menangis,hanya Tuhan je yang tau betapa sedihnye aku time tu..mase aku sampai kat hospital da ramai sedara mare n kawan bapak aku berkumpul nak bagi keputusan samada nak operation atau x..sebenarnye atuk ngan adik beradik bapak aku memang xsetuju lansung untuk operation tu,tapi memandangkan peratus untuk bapak aku pulih tu 80% jadi sumenye setuju termasukla aku..mase surat operation tu da sain tanda setuju untuk operation,bapak aku pulak yang membantah..yang ajaibnye bapak aku leh bangun dari katil n tendang surat operation tu,tu sume kuasa ALLAH kan,walaupun bapak aku tengah sakit,tapi still leh wat keputusan sendiri..akhirnya kite sume akur ngan keputusan abah,tapi xsia2 pun keputusan abah tu..sekarang ni sumenye da makin ok...aku berterima kasih padamu YA ALLAH kerana memanjangkan lagi umur ayahku NORAINI HJ JUHARI..amin...
n selain tu aku wat majlis tuk awek yang paling aku cintai iaitu..jeng2....noraini bte kahal....kire aku wat ni tuk prepare bile nk kawin ngan awek aku ni nnt...hehehe...insya'Allah kalau dipanjang umur d murahkan rezki,aku nak kawin ngan awek aku ni...korang doa2 kanlah jodoh kiteorang ni yer...
okla,rasenye da banyak aku text kali ni...calo..